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Turns out the alps are a long way away, and take about 3kg of Haribo to get back from.

The boater X rocked, full report coming up when I am more alive, cheers to everyone who helped/raced/cheered/got naked.

It was the summer solstice on the way home, by total chance.

My academic work for the year is done and dusted, and now I have a whole pile of things to look forward to…

Dressing up smartly and getting mucked up drunk. (Sam Leach and Rat Boy featured)

Shortly after that I’m off to the French Alps for a couple of weeks of fun. (Me in the Lions Den, Ubaye last year)

While I’m out there I’ve organised a Boater X, click the banner for more info!

When I get home I have a few weeks of kicking about, doing odd jobs, then I’m going on a sea kayaking adventure, followed by some open boat coaching, liberal amounts of squirt boating, maybe some surfing, and maybe an Ardeche trip.

All too soon it’ll be freshers week, and the whole thing will start again.

Since January, my blog has been found through search engines in a few ways. “Max Bilbow” and “David Fairweather” proving popular. But there are also some oddballs out there who are searching for things like “animals mating” and “wild animals + cat fight”. I can only assume that they don’t find what they are looking for. Nutters.


Last year a few of got drunk in France, and decided it would be a great idea to have a boater X between all the Uni groups that were staying at L’argentiere. Run on a shoestring, and winged for the best part, it was hilarious, and great fun to organise. I decided I would like to run one again this year, and simply chose a date, and time, and put some details on the net. All of a sudden I am being inundated with offers of prizes and support. This totally rocks, cheers to everyone, we are set to have an awesome evening out there!

Currently sponsors include:

Palm Equipment who have given a whole pile of goodies

Level Six who have provided some banners and other race accesories

Tom Parker Coaching and Guiding who have provided some T shirts

Liquid Satisfaction who have provided a million pounds and a trip to the moon, as well as some T shirts!

Slime from Rivers Publishing has provided some books

Thanks to all of them. Its people like them that make paddling so awesome.

More details on the Boater X can be found Here

And for those on facebook… 

Excitingly, all my new Level Six gear arrived over the weekend.

The design on my new board shorts. A summer of funk me thinks!

Giving my awesome new shortie cag a through testing at Stanley Embankment (Pic by Dave Fairweather)

Level Six are now imported to the UK by Square Rock, and should hit the shelves very soon!

www.levelsixinc.com and www.squarerock.co.uk/ for more info!

Continuing the informative “Explains” series, Dave Fairweather explains his latest creation, known colloquially as “The Local Stuff”or a “Gin-Genie”.

Sometimes everything just clicks… At about 10am I get a call asking if I want to hit the Lledr squirt sport. Too Right! Once thats done we hit the Ogwen at a really cruisy fun level. Then we get drunk, which is what I am now. What an awesome day.

Mmmm. Mmm. Who needs smoothie?

Birthday Boy Mitch.

Damn the Ogwen rules…

Hurrah for cheap ale.

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